Curabitur vel urna.

In tris tique orci portti tor ipsum.
Scing elit Augue scientieted musica.

Repentance turns grave horror! horror!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

There are certain things to consider and many odd deeds at the sphere of life but it is nasty thought of human beings to consider about his/her earthly pleasure above all everything by performing to gain physical, mechanical and economical perfectness. Madden with worldly affairs everybody mistaken in staying conscious and subconscious mood.

According to Quran, Bible, Geek Mythology every human beings have to get or take the taste of repentance. But it would be highest hopelessness that when time goes callously everyone is to burst out in tears, horrors stay permanently in one’s heart but is to be impossible to get rid of it. Be conscious as to present and think about future, pray to Allah for regeneration. There is no time for you, it’s true and grave true!!!