Curabitur vel urna.

In tris tique orci portti tor ipsum.
Scing elit Augue scientieted musica.

Repentance turns grave horror! horror!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

There are certain things to consider and many odd deeds at the sphere of life but it is nasty thought of human beings to consider about his/her earthly pleasure above all everything by performing to gain physical, mechanical and economical perfectness. Madden with worldly affairs everybody mistaken in staying conscious and subconscious mood.

According to Quran, Bible, Geek Mythology every human beings have to get or take the taste of repentance. But it would be highest hopelessness that when time goes callously everyone is to burst out in tears, horrors stay permanently in one’s heart but is to be impossible to get rid of it. Be conscious as to present and think about future, pray to Allah for regeneration. There is no time for you, it’s true and grave true!!!

Immersed in Bliss

Monday, June 27, 2011

A bath drawn just right and the mood set perfectly can be an enriching experience. The rigours of life leave even the strongest and the most stoic minds exhausted and in need of a sensuous retreat. Not all of us have the time or the resources to make visits to spas as a regular habit. If it's relaxation and rejuvenation on your mind, a well-drawn bath with accessories suiting your needs will do it every time.

The Past, The Present and The Future
The benefits are not limited to stress relief. There is a reason why the immersion of the body in water has been such an enduring practice over the annals of time. We all know of the Roman and the Greek bathhouses that existed solely for the purpose of bathing. It was then seen as a communal activity, where citizens could conduct business and socialize. Baths were seen as the key to maintaining good health.


Exception calls great sin.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Devilish hearts are exception, own thought cherishing & deceiving others by means of own hearts nasty desire is exception, also sin. True heart & soul are exception. If you think you are one of both then you are exception. It’s divine. True heart does not demand to be a white soul bearer but worse do it.

Basically we’re egotist but in most cases, it calls sin & support inferior soul. Don’t mean others without considering truth. You’re the worst heart if you blame anyone beyond going true line. Because only one is exception who is God in true sense.  

Missing dews overflowing into heart

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Computer computing by restlessness pushing. Working with Computer world such busiest time can overcome who wants to monitoring the world before him.Something not silly but cruelest, so nearest and dearest one can leave away forever. It can depart with the meeting of death. But in earth some thoughts, lively work lead any closest one from you. I think and weep to consider this shocked rain, stopped or gently passed my narrow roads of life, stopping somewhere in relaxed, enjoyed, learned something cool, style of catching busiest post, clinking to meet perfectness. I miss my so close mate, my profession where I spent several worth time with my team.   

Optimism where I fall

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Man can be dead but true & solid dream can’t be dead. Flying on optimistic boat with strong thought. I met someone in my dream who can’t late to be a perfect one. But in true state I saw that nasty thought live where gather perfect view in pretends to be perfect one. I’m at heart in optimistic views, cherishing in my potent inward.

Faulty lines mixed up!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It was half past 6 o’clock. All the rivers are little bit quite, skies are stopping their restlessness, Birds flying back their nest with tired state, Snowy weather closes at the coolest stage, I’m yet alive with broken heart catching a tiny log surrounded  by water. One lyric buzzing nears my ears, “Lonely, I’m Mr. lonely, I have no body for my own” My eye lasses unfold a little bit, it seems something calling them with bubbling manner. I’m now 22 or 23.don’t know the actual age yet. Don’t think that I’m law Aries. I have both Mom & Dad. They are so close to me, stays at my heart with great place. From the beginning I’m cherishing a dream have to be someone special who help to others in their distress and will be happy to see their laughing. Aristocracy touches me in the point of thinking not wealth. I try to sit my dream on big vessels not on brook. My thought goes vain in some ways perhaps; it’s my fault, my misfortune. Don’t give up my dream yet. Taking as my desire although there lots of troubles.

Everyone depends on others shoulder just like ecological balance. I’m not unlike but different is that have to restore what is broken in spite of staying out of capability. I pray to Almighty, looking at nature in touch of her divine power. I can remember words of Wordsworth.