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Exception calls great sin.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Devilish hearts are exception, own thought cherishing & deceiving others by means of own hearts nasty desire is exception, also sin. True heart & soul are exception. If you think you are one of both then you are exception. It’s divine. True heart does not demand to be a white soul bearer but worse do it.

Basically we’re egotist but in most cases, it calls sin & support inferior soul. Don’t mean others without considering truth. You’re the worst heart if you blame anyone beyond going true line. Because only one is exception who is God in true sense.  


Anonymous said...

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cookingvarieties said...

hi shohel, at last, I got to see your comment box..congrats to me ok.. :)
Anyway your article on the affairs of the heart is very interesting.. the heartt feels according to our emotions at that time..
Everything that happens to us..good or bad will affect the feelings in the heart...
If we follow our hearts sincerely, then we will walk the right path

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