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Rupkothar Kabbo Coffee Shop | Drink Your Favorite Coffee

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It was evening, after accomplishing official work, longing for relaxation and evening snacks moved into the town. After taking light food just about to step back towards my destination. Suddenly, noticing something next to the road that was hinted serene beauty and musical flow.

To explore the silent splendor entered into, then what happened towards my eyes; Two or three waitress came forward to receive us, (oh! forget to say there was another colleague with me) and offer to have coffee or others if we wish, handed a food menu.

 I was just moving inwardly do thinking what a great look around the shop. It has wonderful name indeed, “Rupkothar Kabbo” This is special for variety of coffee. It is adjacent to Rupkotha Cinema Hall, in the midst of Pabna town.

Book, coffee and filmy flavor turned the interior environment an enchanting place.  A solid tone of Manna Da “Coffee Houser Sai Addata” was coming out from calm dim light. Old instruments of film production were seen for decorative purposes.

Books with coffee, soothed mental restlessness for the coming people in their leisure period. Different types of English writers’ books; Harry porter, Earnest Hemingway, eminent Bangla writers; Robindranath Tagore, Kabi Nazrul and some translated version of English books. Visitors and customers can easily be got chanted to be in Rupkothar Kabbo.

Painting portrait of famous heroine Suchitra Sen was attracting inside the coffee shop. A kind of aesthetic beauty made the shop an enjoyable place for drinking coffee. Mind can be moved and got relaxation after a long working tiredness. Anyone can go to have at least a spoonful feelings.


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